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Security Gateway

Security Gateway (SeGW):

Casa Systems Security Gateway (SeGW) provides secure backhaul transport between macro or small cell sites and the EPC core network. It is typically used in cases where the mobile operator leases transport from a first-mile access provider to its radio sites.  Casa’s SeGW implementation applies 3GPP Network Domain Security and techniques, including certificate-based authentication to secure transport of traffic over the S1 and X2 control and user plane interfaces.

Secure Backhaul Transport to Cell Sites

In addition, Casa Systems SeGW provides high capacity IPSEC ESP tunnel mode security to provide data integrity, data origin authentication, anti-replay protection and optional confidentiality. The SeGW stores the cryptographic keys onboard for IKE authentication and provides high capacity rekeying in order to regularly update the security associations with its remote cell site peers.

Casa’s SeGW provides carrier hardened security tools to mitigate many forms of intruder attacks including DOS attacks, spoof attacks, data modification, and reflection attacks.

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