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Licensed Small Cell Gateway

Licensed Small Cell Gateway:

As the soaring growth of mobile traffic continues unabated, mobile operators are looking to denser small cell solutions to provide the necessary capacity and coverage to meet this data deluge. Small cell offload relieves clogged macro-radios at a fraction of the normal transport cost per bit.  Additionally, small cells offer robust QoS handling for High Definition (HD) voice services for enterprises while boosting coverage in crowded venues like stadiums, shopping malls and campus environments.

Casa’s Small Cell Gateway (SCG) provides a highly scalable solution based on 3GPP R11 standards. Embracing the latest Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) techniques, it supports wider, higher bandwidth LTE Unlicensed (LTE-U) carriers in the 5Ghz spectral range. LTE-U secondary carriers can be aggregated with primary carriers in licensed bands to offer a high capacity, load balanced, seamless mobility solution.  LAA enhances HD voice applications for enterprise and urban metrocells.

Integration of LTE Small Cells with LTE/EPC Mobile Core Network

Today, it is common for mobile operators to lease first-mile backhaul transport to their small cell sites. The Casa SCG provides an integrated Security Gateway (SeGW) and Home eNodeB Gateway (HeNB-GW) solution delivering industry leading, encrypted forwarding and voice grade latency performance in milliseconds. The solution is ‘right-sized’ to meet the needs of any size Heterogeneous Network (HetNet). As a base level solution, the Casa SeGW can directly attach small-scale, small cell clusters to the EPC core. Casa HeNB-GW software can be non-disruptively added to those same nodes to cost effectively scale denser installations if needed.

Casa’s SCG provides the signaling performance to support thousands of subscriber connections, or hand-offs, per-second without packet loss. By abstracting the small cell clusters as a single connection to the EPC control and user plane elements, Casa’s SCG protects the core network from being overwhelmed by all of the related signaling traffic.

To cost effectively manage small cell aggregation to Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) sites, the Casa SCG can be integrated with a fully functional Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) to provide LTE backhaul at a fraction of the cost of alternative fiber solutions.

DOCSIS Backhaul of Traffic from LTE Small Sites

Casa’s SCG provides an attractive solution for scaling network capacity to efficiently manage explosive traffic growth while protecting existing investments in the LTE/EPC core networks. Additional value-adds include:

  • High-density concentration of hundreds of thousands of small cell radios
  • High signaling capacity with fewer dropped calls
  • S1-Flex for load balancing of S1-MME control plane traffic to centralized MME resource pools
  • Closed Subscriber Group (CSG) optimized paging enhancements to relieve core network signaling dependencies on centralized MME resource pools

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