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Why Casa Systems?

Casa’s disruptive technology unifies the functionalities for video-over-MPEG and video-over-IP into a single platform at a cost level unimaginable with previous technologies. This unification provides a single management point for HFC spectrum resources for all digital services and a seamless migration path from one architecture to another without costly fork-lift upgrades. Casa Systems' products provide all the functional components needed in deploying digital broadcast, digital simulcast, switched digital video, and unicast services.

•   MPEG Edge-QAM:
The CMTS performs traditional edge functionalities such as conditional access encryption and QAM modulation. However, the CMTS has dramatically increased the density and reduced the cost compared to traditional Edge-QAM.

•   Video-over-IP:
The Casa CMTS provides a flexible and complete DOCSIS 3.0 implementation at a cost which will make video-over-IP an economically viable solution today. The CMTS implements a hierarchical QoS scheme to allow sharing of the RF spectrum between MPEG traffic and IP traffic with guaranteed bandwidth and jitter.

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