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DOCSIS 3.0 & 3.1 Ready

Full CCAP functionality in industrys' smallest form factor (6RU)

Highly available, fully redundant

Industry leading density and capacity

Enables Digital Video, IPTV, and DOCSIS with a single platform 

The highest channel density per
6RU space in the industry with the lowest power consumption per channel

Delivers the best Total Cost of Ownership in the industry


Casa has done it again.  Casa’s C40G next generation, highly available, fully redundant, I-CCAP platform enables MSOs to deploy MPEG video, IPTV, and DOCSIS over a single port.  The C40G delivers the industry’s highest CCAP density while consuming the lowest average power per channel in the smallest form factor, minimizing both expenses and space requirements in the cable head end.

The C40G utilies all of the existing C100G CCAP modules including: the downstream module (DS8X96); switching module (SMM8X10G); upstream modules (US16X4 & US16X8).  This platform solution, combined with Casa’s time-tested and unique Software Defined Cable Architecture (SDCA) allows the company to quickly adapt to new features and functionality. 


Separate Downstream and Upstream Channels
The C40G has separate modules for downstream and upstream traffic in one physical chassis. Now multiple system operators (MSOs) can provision downstream and upstream channels independently, managing the different traffic patterns of business users versus residential subscribers. Our product's flexible architecture enables MSOs to easily allocate more downstream traffic for IPTV and video-over-IP.

Industry-Leading DOCSIS 3.0 & 3.1 Ready The C40G has the most extensive DOCSIS 3.0 feature set of any 6RU chassis on the market. It provides the highest channel bonding capability for downstream traffic and upstream traffic.

The C40G's revolutionary DOCSIS bandwidth capacity and low cost-per-bit enables MSOs to cost-effectively provision IPTV or video-over-IP and interactive gaming along with traditional broadband access, VoIP and interactive services with one platform. 

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