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Full CCAP functionality in a single platform

Full DOCSIS 3.0 / 3.1 and EuroDOCSIS 3.0 support

Highly scalable

  - Full OFDM spectrum support

  - 128 channels per service group

  - No field upgrades required

   Highest density per 13RU space
   in the industry

      - Up to 72 service groups (SG)                 per 13RU

   Lowest power consumption per                  channel

   High availability, full redundancy

   Delivers best Total Cost of                        Ownership in the industry


Casa’s C100G next generation, highly available, fully redundant CCAP platform enables cable service providers to deploy MPEG video, IPTV and DOCSIS over a single port.  The C100G delivers the industry’s highest CCAP density while consuming the lowest average power per channel, minimizing both expenses and space requirements in head end sites. The C100G delivers both EQAM and CMTS services from a single port for some of the world’s leading service providers, giving them a competitive edge.

Casa’s C100G is a CCAP chassis that combines DOCSIS 3.1 CMTS and an MPEG video Edge-QAM in a high density, high availability 13 RU platform.  It has 12 line card slots and 2 switch and management slots along with redundant power, fan trays, and internal RF-switch.. The C100G and line cards support the CableLabs DOCSIS 3.1 standard, and are backward compatible with DOCSIS 3.0, eliminating the need to replace or upgrade existing hardware while providing a path to help service providers migrate to 1G services and beyond

The C100G platform and all Casa line cards developed using Casa’s Field Programmable Array (FPGA) technology, which means all devices are programmable and software defined.  This approach gives Casa Systems the flexibility to introduce new features faster than competitors.  Casa was the first (and still the only) CCAP provider to achieve DOCSIS 3.0 full qualification by CableLabs,  the first to integrate edge QAM video into a field deployed CCAP product, and the first to develop a DOCSIS 3.1 CCAP solution because we control software development from the chip up.   Our software-defined cable technology provides longer life for service providers’ hardware investments, smoother operations and less service disruption. 

Meeting Today's Demands

The C100G helps service providers meet not only today’s performance and throughput demands, but also demands on profitability.  Owing to superior channel density and lower power requirements, the C100G offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the industry.  Real world deployments have proven that deploying EQAM and CMTS services on the C100G can reduce overall headend space and energy requirements by 30% while doubling the number of QAMs.  The increased number of QAMs enables service providers to offer higher speeds to end users, combat churn, and improve the user experience, adding to the bottom line.

Beyond 1G

In the gigabit wars, service providers need to look beyond today’s demands for high-speed data and develop strategic plans for cost-effective ways to deliver services beyond 1G.  The C100G offers the highest channel density in the industry, supports 32-channel bonding, and full OFDM spectrum today. By combining all the DOCSIS, video, and routing features in one chassis, along with the highest density DS and US cards and the capabilities of DOCSIS3.1, the C100G provides the most complete CCAP solution in the industry. The C100G is designed to allow a smooth progression to 10Gbps services. Ramping up to provide 10Gbps services with Casa’s C100G CCAP platform can be accomplished by adding additional D3.1 channels, to a total of 6, at 4096 QAM, using the full 1.2 MHz of spectrum. With a solution that easily supports 1Gbps services today and scales smoothly and flexibly to 10Gbps services in the future, we expect our C100G CCAP to be a workhorse for service providers for years to come.

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