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Company Overview

Casa Systems being rooted in technological innovation stemming from Bell Labs and our long standing partnership with CableLabs is focused upon developing leading edge technologies into reliable, secure, business driving solutions for our customers. We serve operators across all network domains as they compete in an industry that continues to converge, as end user demands continue to increase and as new competitors and potential partners arise. Based upon disruptive technologies that we have tested, hardened and developed into flexibly configurable and modular solutions, we offer a new category of cable and mobile edge devices that allow our operators to be highly responsive and adaptable to the dynamic communications industry driven by convergence, broadband, mobility, video and cloud. Our expertise rooted in Bell Labs and CableLabs allows us to partner with our operators to gracefully migrate from existing revenue-generating infrastructure to next generation infrastructure while optimizing ROI along the journey.

 Casa Systems is headquartered in Andover, Mass.

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